Yet Another Ordinary, Average Guy with too many things to do and not enough time.  So what do I do?  I procrastinate by gaming, game designa dn programming and designing websites (some this one...others with a purpose), traveling to Las Vegas with friends to gamble and have fun, semi-blog/write about financial markets, twitter, and generally just waste time any ole' way I can.

So what is this website for?   I am now posting information that I feel is pertinent to someone like me (mid-40's, children growing up, stable career/life) looking to improve on their retirement plan or personal financial plans given the recent market beating of 2008-2009.  I am also posting information related to my frequent trips to Las Vegas for gambling and fun (sorry no nudity or grossly mature subject matter...yes mature subject matter in the form of discussions about gambling and possible alcohol intake.)  Who knows where else this might evolve.

About Mother

Well how does a 45 year-old man end up with the nickname "Mother"?

It actually started in 2006 when I and a group of friends went on a trip to Alaska.  I had been making the plans for the group, scheduling flights, arranging rental car, arranging fishing guides, etc.  The week before we left, I went through everything with the guys.  We were planning on taking just carry-on luggage so that when we returned we could check two (2) ice chest each full of fish. (Yes, this was way before airlines started charging for 1st bag and 2nd bag, back in the good ole' days when airlines did not charge anything for the first two bags.)

Anyway, the day we leave arrives and I was making sure everyone had everything.  Getting everyone coordinated with who was riding with who, and taking a ribbing about "I don't like so-n-so", "But, so-n-so smells funny".  Anyway, we get to the airport, get everything onto the shuttle bus, I pass out all of the boarding passes, we get to the ticket counter and get all of our luggage checked  and in queue at the X-ray machine.  I then tell everyone lets go this way to security.  At this point, one of the guys says "Yes Mother".  All of the guys kinda stop and look at him funny, then burst out laughing and say "That's your new name, MOTHER"!  So for the rest of the trip everyone is calling me Mother.

However, little did they know that later in this trip the nickname would make for one of the most hilarious encounters on the entire trip.  You see, my father-in-law and my nephew were both on this trip also.  My nephew was preparing to go to Marine Corp bootcamp, and my father-in-law wanted to take him to Alaska fishing as a kind of a combo graduation present and send off party.  Two of the other guys wanted to throw my nephew a send off party by taking him to one of the strip joints in the area.  Well in Kenai, Alaska there is only one strip joint.  Being the "Mother" of the group I was the designated driver (yes I do drink, but not as much as my friends do).  Anyway, I am happily married and have no need for, nor no intention of going into the strip joint.  I drive the three guys to the place and drop them off and head over to the local bookstore to get something to read.  I then return to the strip joint parking lot and preceed to read.

Meanwhile, inside the strip joint the guys are having a few rounds of beer and they send my nephew back to the private area for a lap dance.  After the lap dance is done, the dancer ask if he wants another, which he says "Yes" and promptly pulls out the cash for the lap dance.  At the end of this lap dance, the dancer asks again "Would you like another" To which my nephew replies, "Yes, but I have any more money, I have to go out to the parking lot and ask my Mother for some more cash".  The exotic dancers eyes get really, really wide and she exclaims "YOUR MOTHER brought you to the strip joint".  My nephew blushes and starts to laugh and tries to explain the situation.  The two friends, were fairly close by and heard this exchange and were absolutely dying from laughter.

So anyway, from that point on I am known as "Mother" because i take care of the guys. Although, sometimes I think they say additional comments under their breath, and sometimes it is "MuthaFu".  Just depends.

By the way since the Alaska Trip we regularly travel to Las Vegas (3,4, 5, 8 times a year).  We are well known at several casino's and it is always so nice to hear "Mother! Long time, glad to have you back" from all of the pit bosses and dealers.  Of course, the other players have quizzical looks on their faces trying to figure out who is Mother.  I even have players cards with "Mother" as my name.

More Info

The Alaska trip happened when I was 39 years old.  I have been called "Mother" now for so long, at times close friends forget my real name when they go to introduce me to new individuals.  They usually introduce me as "This is Mother" and then stumble and stammer trying to come up with my real name. 

I am now 45 years old (2011).  I have been programming since I was 11 years old, although our family did not get our first computer until I was 15.  I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Computer Information Science (previously known as Management Information Systems and Quantitative Science, MISQS).  MISQS, LLC was originally a company I started to provide Computer, Networking and Programming consulting.  I closed the LLC several years ago but still retain the MISQS.COM Domain Name registration.  It has basically been my domain to post things of interest to me.  So far that has been items related to Stocks, Economics, Gold/Silver musings but also some Las Vegas stories, pictures of great Video Poker hands/wins, and what ever else crosses my mind.

I also run several other websites for myself, family and friends. is my "Yet Another Software Development Company" website where I am posting Freeware programs that I have developed and communicate with clients who need custom data extraction programming done. is my "Yet Another Game Design Studio" website where I am posting information about Games that I am designing and developing, along with notes, links and general information about the game development industry.

hmmm... I am sensing that I like the "Yet Another. . ." motif is a website I run for my wife's Pediatric Medical practice. is a website I run for some of my close friends business.  Yes, the ones who were on the Alaska Trip and I routinely go to Las Vegas with.  They are roofing, siding and guttering contractors in the Texas Hill Country.



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